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Must-Know First Aid Pain Management Tips


As we noted in our article concerning acute pain (LINK to “What’s Hurting? Causes and Symptoms of Acute Pain” article), the symptoms of this type of pain can be severe. While it’s important to have basic understanding of acute pain and how it affects the bodily tissue, you might not care about that while experiencing it! What’s important for you is possessing a basic knowledge of First Aid. By understanding how to treat your acute pain immediately, you will decrease the time spent healing your injuries, and therefore decrease the time spent in pain. First and foremost, having easy access to a medical First Aid kit is essential. By properly treating an injury soon after it occurs, you lessen the chance of experiencing further pain later on. You can purchase First Aid kits that have been pre-stocked with supplies, or you can choose to build your own. Whichever option you choose, there are certain items that should always be present within. Always keep your kit stocked with nonsteroidal antiinflammatory agents (NSAIDS), such as ibuprofen or naproxen; antibiotic cream to combat infection; gauze, adhesive tape, and scissors for burn treatment; elastic wraps to stabilize injured joints, muscles, and bones; and cold therapy packs to treat swelling and bruising. Bruder Healthcare’s ProtoCold products (LINK) are perfect for cold therapy treatment; visit the Shop (LINK) for more information. In addition to medical Fist Aid kits, we also recommend practicing the RICE technique to treat injuries: R: Rest and immobilize the affected area of pain. I: Ice the affected area of pain using cold therapy products, such as Bruder’s ProtoCold pads. C: Apply Compression to the area experiencing pain using an elastic bandage. E: Elevate the injury above the heart to decrease the rate at which blood flows into the affected area, decreasing swelling. You might also consider applying heat therapy to the area of injury if your symptoms include soreness or stiffness in muscles and joints. Bruder’s MediBeads (LINK) heat therapy products apply moist heat directly to the area of pain, increasing blood flow and relieving pain. To learn more about our available MediBeads products, visit the Shop (LINK) now. Utilizing the RICE technique and keeping a well-stocked First Aid kit nearby allows you to effectively treat acute pain as soon as it begins. By treating the source of your pain immediately, you can prevent it from recurring further along down the road. For example, if you clean a cut, then apply antibiotic cream and a bandage, you’re far less likely to develop a painful infection than if you applied no treatment at all. Remember to take First Aid knowledge seriously; you’ll prevent yourself and others from experiencing any more pain than necessary!

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