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Eyedration Air-Activated Moist Heat Eye Mask. 10-pack

Single-Use Eye Mask Helps Relieve Dry, Tired Eyes
Developed by Eye Doctors

Price : $15.95

Experience Eye Relief & Comfort on the go -- For home, work, school, travel, anywhere your eyes need comfort. Available in 10-pack bag.

Eyedration by Bruder Air-Activated Heated Eye Mask, Developed by Eye Doctors
Item # 88810. Contains 10 individually packed masks.

Single-Use Eyedration Eye Mask Helps Relieve Dry, Tired Eyes

Unlock Your Eye's Natural Hydration At Work, At Home, While Traveling with Doctor-developed Eyedration Air-Activated Moist Heat Eye Mask

Treating dry, irritated eyes has never been more convenient. Eyedration heats quickly and stays warm to unlock your eyes' natural hydration and help get the moisture your eyes need for comfort and sharper vision.

Eyedration is air-activated; no microwave or cord needed. When the package is opened, the mask's natural ingredients automatically heat to the appropriate temperature and time.

When applied, the mask warms the glands in the eyelids releasing natural oils that help keep your tears from evaporating, providing comfort for tired, irritated eyes.*

Why is Eyedration by Bruder better?

  • Developed by eye doctors, Eyedration Heated Eye Mask is brought to you by Bruder Healthcare, a leader in eye care products.
  • Tested for effectiveness, Eyedration Heated Eye Mask maintains moist heat at the temperature (104 degree F) and time (8-12 minutes) needed to release the oils in your eyelids and get them flowing again. These oils keep your tears from evaporating and causing your eyes to be dry.

 Experience Eye Relief & Comfort with Eyedration by Bruder

Doctor-recommended therapeutic moist heat provides fast acting relief. Simply open, place over your eyes, relax and enjoy the soothing heat. Eyedration Instructions
Air-Activated Moist Heat Eye Mask begins heating when opened. Pull out elastic loops from the center. Place the non-printed side on closed eyelids and elastic loops over ears. Relax and enjoy the soothing therapeutic, moist heat for up to 20 minutes.
After treatment, you may experience blurry vision that will clear in a few minutes as your tear glands are releasing beneficial fluids.
* *These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Single use only. One size fits most. Discard after use. For external use only; keep away from children.

Tips: Remove contact lens before use. If using eyedrops, wait 15 minutes before wearing Eyedration. Do not use on infants or persons who cannot feel heat. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Keep in a cool dry place. Harmful if swallowed. Do not use if skin irritation is present. Discontinue use if there is discomfort or if mask is punctured or damaged.

Follow your doctor's recommendation for use. For external use only. Do not heat in microwave or oven. Do not use if package is punctured, torn or if contents are leaking.
Learn More About Eyedration by Bruder, the air-activated heated eye mask developed by an eye doctor.

An Eyedration mask is a soft, self-heating, single-use eye mask that, once opened, provides quick therapeutic, moist heat, delivering relief and promoting natural eye hydration. When you open the package, the mask’s natural ingredients warm up on their own and stay warm for about 20 minutes, without the need for a microwave or electricity. The soothing moist heat helps your eyelid glands release natural oils, which prevent your tears from drying up. This can make your eyes feel better if they are tired or irritated or if you are suffering from dry eye, digital eye strain, or discomfort. It’s ideal for maintaining an eye health routine while traveling. Sold in 10-mask bag. Each mask individually wrapped.

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