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MEDIBEADS Moist Heat King Pad

Microwave Activated Moist Heat Pad - 12” x 16”
For Back, Abdomen and Legs

Price : $32.95

No cords or wires like an electric heating pad. Drapes easily to comfortably conformity to large treatment areas.

MEDIBEADS Moist Heat King Pad
Item # 34120

Soothing Relief. The MediBeads King Pad is designed to provide deep penetrating relief wherever you hurt.

This size drapes easily, assuring complete conformity to the treatment area. For moist-heat therapy, just microwave and enjoy deeply penetrating moist heat therapy for up to 30 minutes. The patent-pending MediBeads sewn into the wrap absorb moisture from the air to create moist heat, so no water or mess is involved.   


  • Microwavable wrap provides deep penetrating moist heat 
  • No wires, not waiting, just fast acting soothing relief
  • Patent-pending design is antibacterial, anti fungal, and odor free
  • All natural, drug-free, therapy at home, work or anywhere
  • Washable and reusable


Use Instructions:
• Simply microwave MediBeads for 2 - 3 minutes.
• Do NOT exceed 4 minutes, and always touch test before applying to the body, as microwave ovens vary in power.
• Apply to painful area for deeply penetrating moist-heat therapy for up to 30 minutes.

MediBeads may be used from the freezer for soothing cold.

Care Instructions:
• MediBeads are hand washable.
• Use a MILD soap in COLD water, or surface cleaned with a damp sponge.
• Air dry for 24 hours before reusing.
• Do NOT wash in hot or warm water.
• Do NOT machine wash or dry.
• With proper care MediBeads will last for years.
★★★★★ Perfect Warmth. I never experienced moist heat before having to go to physical therapy. It is very different from a regular heating pad. I ordered this heat wrap and "hoped" it would give me the same experience as the therapists - it did! This was well worth the purchase.

★★★★★ Great product. This a great heated pad, it loosens up muscles for my rehab session. Quick to heat in microwave and stays warm about 20 minutes!

♥♥♥♥♥ Love It! I use it so much for my lower back pain and for my stomach for cramps.

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