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Managing Dry Eye at Home


For millions of people around the country, managing chronic dry eye disease can be a huge inconvenience to their everyday lives. Just as chronic pain treatment often involves at-home therapy, chronic dry eye must also be tended to on a regular, individual basis. Bruder Healthcare has developed products and technologies that make at-home care easy, effective, and simple. Bruder offers moist heat therapy products to soothe painful symptoms that arise due to chronic dry eye. Our Moist Heat Compresses both employ our patented MediBeads moist heat technology. With a quick 20 seconds in the microwave, MediBeads is ready to release captured air molecules as moist heat which deeply penetrates the tissue of the affected area. To learn more about our moist heat therapy products for treating chronic dry eye, explore the “Moist Heat Therapy For Dry Eye (LINK to article) blog post, or visit the Shop (LINK). Bruder also offers a Cold Therapy Eye Compress to relieve eye irritation caused by chronic dry eye. Using our innovative gel-free pad technology, the Cold Therapy Eye Compress provides cold therapy at temperatures that comply with medically accepted protocols. Our compress safely delivers time-released cold treatments, reduces inflammation and swelling, and relieves irritation caused by eye allergies. Its patented design ensures complete conformance to your facial contours, prevents bursting or leaking, is guaranteed to remain dry, and can be applied directly to the skin. There are also a number of at-home techniques and remedies you can employ to relieve irritation from dry eye. You might try using an over-the-counter eyelid wash to rinse the meibomian glands, located at the base of the eyelids: keeping these glands clean will encourage healthy production of the oils they secrete, which in turn make up part of the tear film layer of the eye. Using eyedrops daily may also decrease your risk of developing chronic dry eye. Another easy practice to employ is to consciously blink more often to keep your eyes healthy and saturated. Remembering to blink is extremely important in the computer-screen era of today! Screens are becoming more and more difficult to avoid, but training yourself to over-blink will minimize the risk of developing dry eye symptoms.

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