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MEDIBEADS Moist Heat/Cold Foot Wraps (Pair)

Microwave Activated Moist Heat/Cold Wraps
For Feet (up to a size 12)

Price : $59.95

Designed to provide fast relief for tired, aching, sore feet. An effective way to soothe and warm cold feet.

MEDIBEADS Moist Heat/Cold Foot Wraps (Pair)
Item # 34570

The MediBeads Foot Wraps provide soothing relief for tired, aching sore feet. 

For moist-heat therapy, just microwave for a minute or two, and enjoy deeply penetrating moist heat therapy for up to 30 minutes. The patent-pending MediBeads sewn into the wrap absorb moisture from the air to create moist heat, so no water or mess is involved. For cold therapy, just place in freezer before using.  


  • Microwavable Foot Wraps produces therapeutic "clean moist heat" to ease foot pain
  • Can also be used for cold therapy by freezing before use
  • Patent-pending design is antibacterial, anti fungal, and odor free
  • All natural, drug-free, therapy at home, work or anywhere
  • Washable and reusable


Use Instructions:
For Moist Heat:
• Simply microwave MediBeads for 2 minutes.
• Do NOT exceed 2 minutes 30 seconds per wrap, and always touch test before applying to the body, as microwave ovens vary in power.
• Apply to painful area for deeply penetrating moist-heat therapy for up to 30 minutes.

May also be used for COLD therapy.
• Place in the freezer for 2 hours or store in the freezer between uses.

Care Instructions:
• MediBeads are hand washable.
• Use a MILD soap in COLD water, or surface cleaned with a damp sponge.
• Air dry for 24 hours before reusing.
• Do NOT wash in hot or warm water.
• Do NOT machine wash or dry.
• With proper care MediBeads will last for years.
★★★★★ These foot wraps are pretty awesome. I am typing this review with the wraps warming my feet. I am a male with size 12 feet and these wraps fit me well. My 9 year old daughter has used them and they stay on her feet as well. They stretch to fit the foot. Putting these wraps on your feet warms your entire body and relaxes your legs. From a medical point of view the moist heat these wraps provide increases the blood flow in your feet, but in layman's terms they just feel plain good on a cold fall evening.

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